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The Introduction :
This site is intended for adult webmasters. If you are a web surfer looking for free sex stories or pics, please click here for free sex! If you are an adult site webmaster who is looking for places to buy traffic for your website, then read on!

What This Site Is About : is a directory of adult websites that sell traffic. This site is not about link trades or affiliate programs or anything else. There are plenty of sites that cover every aspect of the adult webmaster world. This site is here to let you know who's selling traffic and for how much. That's it. I don't screen these listings for cheaters, so be careful and have fun.

The Listings :

Cybercat Inc. Ad Broker
Banner Spots, Gallery Spots, other.
$500 per month and up.
- These guys broker ads for many of the big TGP's including: The Hun, World Sex, JJJ, Sublime, Sleazy Dream, Video Post, and others. Expect to spend big money for big exposure.

Richard's Realm TGP
Gallery Listings
$35 per gallery.

Chokin Chicken NEW
Various & Blind Click Traffic
$6 per 1000 uniques.

Blue Thumbs TGP
Niche Gallery Listings
$60-$150 per 30 days.

Gallery Listings
$1-$13 per day.

Candy List TGP
Gallery Listings
$20-$40 per listing.

Pichunter TGP
Clickable Thumbs
Variable price per impression.

GregPix TGP
Gallery Listings
$20 per month - see rules.

Demon Wolfe TGP
Banner Spots, Gallery Spots
$100-$250 per month.

Adult Traders
Blind clicks or banner spots.
$6-$15 per 1000 clicks.

Teenie Files TGP
Gallery Listings
$70 per week.

Live Sex List TGP
Banner Spots
$100 per month per banner.

Wet Circle TGP
Banner Spots
$100 per month per banner.

Fortune 404
Exit & Redirect Traffic
$3-$6 per thousand hits.

Contact :
I hope you find these listings useful. Thanks for visiting.

Disclaimer :
If have no idea who these sites are or if they are honest. You need to check references when you buy traffic. Better yet, buy a small quantity first and test it. If you don't make any money, then move on to the next person. I'm not vouching for anyone here, just letting you know about them.

You may contact us anytime with questions or suggestions!.

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